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About Needlicious

Every business should have an about page. The customers wants to know about the company from which it is ordering. An about page creates a connection between the company and the customer. You know what? I really do not like writing the about page. It takes time. I am not a writer. I would rather be creating the things I sell to you the lovely customer. So I asked my family for help. Here is my about page in Interview form? Put on your sarcasm hat and hang tight.

Question: What would you say on an About page for Needlicious/Needlicious Designs?


Child #1 (DD17, now 23): Wonderfully fab and totes adorb goodies. (She knows I do not like words cut short; it makes me shiver like fingers on a chalkboard.)

Child #2 (DS15, now 20): Needlicious is a portmanteau of needle and delicious and it is Mama's embroidery business. How's that? (Need I say more than 15 year old son?)

Child #3 (DD13, now 18): Just type something descriptive. (So there.)

Child #4 (DD11, now 17): Teddy Bears. (She wants me to make teddy bears apparently.)

Child #5 (DS8, now 14): It is a good site. It is about embroidery. (Short and to the point.)

Child #6 (DS6, now 11): Mama draws and sews pictures of stuff. She is a very busy mama. She gives hugs, but that's not part of her business. (Aw, my sweet Bairno!)

I usually describe it a bit more like this: needle arts creativity, yours and mine. I create or you create, custom order, or we create together.

While most of what is in the shop are machine embroidery designs I do a lot of other things as well. I do stitch out the designs on shirts and other "things/stuff" and sell those. I knit, crochet, and quilt. Many of those items do not usually make it on the website, but I am working to change that. When I need a change of scenery I dabble in making jewelry as well.

As you can see I have 6 children. My oldest is now 23 and "the baby" is 11. I have one child (our #4) with physical and mental challenges who needs a lot of one on one support. She is a left-side hemiplegic, has microcephaly and cerebral palsy. When she was four weeks old I found her in her bed, not breathing, turning blue. We were told she would probably never walk, but took her first steps after she turned two. She is a true blessing with a heart of gold. I have zero tolerance for the use of The R Word. If you do not know what I am talking about or understand why it is so wrong and demeaning please watch this video: R-Word.org

After 16 years of searching and searching and begging doctors I finally was directed to a doctor who would listen to me and helped get the test that gave us the diagnosis of FOXG1 Syndrome. Please read about FOXG1 and do what you can to help get the word out to others.

The children and I have recently made the leap into the dream of going beyond backyard vegetable gardening into full blown homesteading. We currently have the standard pets most families have, cats and dogs, but we have more than most I suspect: 5 cats and 2 dogs, one of whom is a livestock guardian dog. We currently have 3 adult ducks. We have a large flock of chickens we adore for their personalities and their lovely gift of eggs that we eat and sell. We added a small herd of dairy Nigerian Dwarf goats in 2014 and we love their milk for drinking and making soap.

I started sewing as a young girl around nine years old. My father's mother began teaching me to crochet and I loved it. My mother's mother began teaching me to knit and other basic sewing techniques. When I turned 14 my mother gave me the old Singer Blackhead Sewing machine that together my two grandmother's bought for her. When my father's mother died my grandfather gave me her Singer Blackhead. I cherosh both of them. I also have a Huskvarna Viking Lily model that I do not use much anymore, a Viking serger, and my daily used BabyLock Ellageo Plus.While I still dream of owning one of the Baby Lock Entrepeneur 1000 models, I currently have a Baby Lock Alliance that I love.

On my 16th birthday my mother gave me a quilt she had made from all the scraps of fabric from all the dresses she made me when I was a little girl. I vowed then and there to learn to quilt. I have and I love it. It is very enjoyable. Some day I plan to devote more time to quilting. Each of my chidlren has at least one quilt I have made them and I am currently working through making them all second ones, bigger ones for their beds as they have grown. I've made others at special request, some were gifts, others were sales of custom orders. I really enjoy combing quilting with embroidery.

That is all I time for right now; maybe I will remember and have time to return for an update later.